Fluke #15 review in Razorcake #105!

Dudes, I fucked up big time. Fluke honcho Matthew Thompson nudged me a while back to submit something for his new issue, and I was like oh yeah, totally. And I forgot. Then a few months later the fifteenth installment of the venerable institution arrived, with great interviews with Mike Watt, Ian MacKaye, and Gary Floyd (by Erica Dawn Lyle of Scam zine, no less), Linda Kite’s print debut, and good writing by Jessie Lynn McMains. And I didn’t contribute anything. I could have been in there, elbow to elbow with all the heavy hitters: I coulda been a contender! But no! I blew a chance to be in the best issue of Fluke yet for no good reason. This is an egregious error on my part, one that will haunt me for the rest of my woebegone days. But don’t take my word for it: check the new ish and marvel at how awesome it is and ruefully shake your head at the bozo who dropped the ball. –Michael T. Fournier