Fluke #17 review in Slingshot #131

Newly encountering Fluke as courtesy of another Slingshotter, I read Fluke #17 on the subway, at my kitchen table and before bed. This cohesive bundle of stories, interviews, art and poetry make a stellar issue. Within the neatly organized zine are slick-printed images and various outlooks from authors across the U.S. covering the underground punk scene, music, skateboard culture, and surviving collectively.
I was touched by two pieces in particular: the interview with artist Danny Martin of Tucson, AZ and How We Got There From Here, an essay by Anna Marie Armstrong. Hailing from Alabama, Martin is a printmaker and muralist with a narrative, Wild West and Mexican-inspired aesthetic. His detailed backstory, beautiful images and love letter to Tucson are earnest and reflective. Armstrong provides an analog perspective of her adolescence in the Bay Area, entrenched in music, driving to an R.E.M. show with her brother Billie Joe (the same as Green Day’s frontman?!) Every moment is captured in passionate reminiscence.
Nostalgic, gritty and mature, Fluke #17 was a fascinating first-read and I look forward to diving into many more. (Nat)
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