Municipal Threat Double Dose

Fluke Publishing is offering issues 1 and 2 of Brad Dwyer's (and company) Municipal Threat at a discounted price! 144 pages for $8, buy it *here*

Municipal Threat #1 is a 72-page fanzine that pays homage to the cult exploitation films and B-movies that invaded our youth through late night cable TV and VHS rentals. Featuring original comix, illustrations, and film reviews from a plethora of deranged artists and writers, these celluloid obsessed survivors of trash cinema have had their minds irrevocably twisted, and must be considered a Municipal Threat.

Municipal Threat #2 is also 72 pages. This issue features B-Movie inspired original comics and illustrations by a host of deranged contributors, in addition to reviews of cinematic triumphs and catastrophes. Also, an extended interview with film director JR Bookwalter, of THE DEAD NEXT DOOR and ROBOT NINJA fame!

Half size, offset print.