Fluke #18 review in MAXIMUMROCKNROLL #452

MRR review

Fluke fanzine has been publishing for close to 30 years, though in fits and spurts, with the last five years or so being particularly active. Fluke has a knack for finding interesting and often outsider artists to interview and this issue is no different. Susan A. Phillips is a professor at Pitzer College and provides her insights on the history and importance of graffiti in the Los Angeles region. Everett Gee is an artist currently based in St. Louis, though he spent some time in Little Rock (Fluke’s original home base). Bill Daniel is a photographer and filmmaker who has documented the world of rail car monikers, though the interview focuses on fanzines. Gary Floyd needs no introduction. All this plus art from Nxoeed, photography, an essay on skateboarding and more.